About us

We are a mother and daughter company who wanted to create beautiful, timeless heirloom baby blankets, that can be passed through from generation to generation.

Our focus is to create a totally sustainable, recyclable product from the first stage of sourcing our wool from the farm, right through to the end product when you receive your baby blanket. Our focus was to also source all our products, every step of the way, within New Zealand, to create a fully sustainable New Zealand made product that ultimately creates a positive effect on our environment.

Our goal is to produce a blanket and baby clothing made from a natural and soft wool with amazing properties. We were fortunate to team up with Mt Nicholas Station to source their amazing merino wool directly, bringing together a wonderful quality product which can be used by your precious new arrival.

Sustainability drive

We wanted to create a sustainable business by doing things thoughtfully and thinking ahead. With so much information out there regarding how your actions are impacting the environment and surroundings, we wanted to create a totally sustainable and natural product, with every aspect being sourced within New Zealand, so that we are environmentally responsible and leave no foot prints on the planet. Our wool is sustainable, the process used to create our items are sustainable and all our packaging has been sourced from an eco-alliance company based in New Zealand, who create all recyclable, sustainable packaging, tissue paper, stickers, and soy ink. For every packaging order placed, a tree is planted. We are proud to represent our relationship with our eco-alliance packaging company, whose mission is to support and empower the shift to sustainable business practices, by building a community that can be better together.

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NZ Twine
PO Box 65-093
Mairangi Bay
Auckland 0754
New Zealand

Our knitters

We did extensive research to find our knitters, who have had vast experience to create these beautiful baby blankets. Which lead us to our knitter based in Geraldine, Shirley. She takes 100% pride in every aspect of what she creates and is an absolute perfectionist, having years of experience. Below is an brief outline of her history within the New Zealand knitting industry:

I purchased my first knitting machine in 1971 and my life changed forever. Soon machine knitting clubs spread around the country and the New Zealand Machine Knitters' Society Inc was formed in 1974. New Zealand was divided into 19 areas geographically and each area was run under the auspices of the National body. Annual festivals were held in the different areas and alternated usually between the two islands. Meetings, workshops, fashion parades, competitions and tours were held at these festivals and following judging a brilliant display of the competition entries was set up. I have won a great number of prizes and trophies during the past 48 years. Throughout the week long activities lifelong friends were made and this has enabled me to travel throughout New Zealand from Cape Reinga to and including Stewart Island. Tours arranged as part of the festivals visited such places as Mount Cook, travelling on the Alpine Express to Greymouth, Rotorua and numerous other attractions.

I served as National President of the Society from 1986 to 1990 when the Society had more than 3,000 members throughout New Zealand and Australia. I was also a National Judge and Tutor for 20 years. I was awarded Life Membership in 1991. Within the exception of one year I have attended every festival since 1974. A special highlight for me was in 1976 when myself and two other members of our area machine knitted a jersey in homespun wool for Prince Andrew as a 16th birthday present. This garment was presented to Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh on their visit to Timaru. The Queen then came over to our group and spoke personally with me. What an honour.

I still thoroughly enjoy both my handknitting and machine knitting and I have some truly beautiful memories and wonderful friendships.